The current rage in fitness is HIIT – High Intensity, Interval, Training. Where strong bursts of energy (usually Plyometrics or high impact cardio) are mixed with strength, and/or recovery periods. This style of fitness can be intimidating for the new or deconditioned participant in a group setting (although, dramatic results are well documented). CountryFit™ is an interval training program that focuses more on variety, than high intensity. As often as possible, CountryFit™ will offer two or three levels of intensity to accommodate a wide range of participants and their fitness levels. The instructor will perform, mostly at the mid-range level unless the over-all class is performing at a lower or higher level. A CountryFit™ HIIT, Brawl, 6 Pack Abs & Sweet Buns, Country Road (cycle) and Skinny Dip are currently under development. Certifications are available for $125.00. Sign up for a certification class near you today! Take advantage of our “Angel Funding” use code “CFC100” to save $100 off the regular $225.00 price OR reserve your space today and pay later by clicking on the $50 non-refundable fee button.

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2017 Schedule

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August 19Honolulu$225.00

September 24Honolulu$225.00
October 1TBA$225.00
October 22Honolulu$225.00
November 5Las Vegas$225.00