The idea for CountryFit™ came when creator, and 30 year fitness professional, Ell Graniel realized that an entire market of participants was being over looked. As fitness director, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ell was required to be certified in multiple formats in order to be able to fill in anytime there was an issue with a class. Of all the formats she taught, Ho’opiopio was her favorite. Ho’opiopio is a Hawaiian word meaning “the whole body”. The class consisted of toning and cardio moves that conditioned the heart, lungs, and muscles. To mix things up, Ell used different themes of music such as classic rock, one hit wonders, or disco. One day she realized that when she used country music, the smiles on the faces of her participants were bigger, and the amount of compliments she received after class was always higher. Some would even comment, “You know, I don’t really care for country music but that was really fun.”

Ell was surprised and excited to find that no one was offering this wonderful opportunity for health and fitness on a national level. So CountryFit™ was born.